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News 05:54, Feb 08 2013

Know Your Cell is now The Full Signal, with more changes to come

It's my pleasure to welcome you to The Full Signal. If you're visiting for the first time, I hope you like what you find here. And if you've been here before, things may look a bit familiar to you. We've retained the same design and layout for now, but our name has changed to better reflect our mission and what we want for our readers. This is the beginning of a new direction for us, and we've yet to scratch the surface.

Know Your Cell launched back in 2009, with the very talented Zach Epstein, who now oversees the editorial team at BGR as Executive Editor, at the helm. He quickly built Know Your Cell into an informative hub for smartphone news and detailed user guides. I was actually still at BGR when Zach left us for Know Your Cell, and though this site has grown considerably since he returned to BGR, I still feel like I have those big shoes to fill.

Now it's 2013, and times have quickly changed for both the wireless industry and Know Your Cell. When the site launched, smartphones were tiny by today's standards, and wireless carriers had tragically slow and erratic 3G networks. Now we have huge smartphones and "phablets" powerful enough to outpace computers built just a decade ago, with wireless networks faster than our home broadband connections.

When I came on board in November 2011, I already felt like the name "Know Your Cell" was becoming antiquated. It's rare to hear the term "cell phone" anymore, and people were always asking me what the name meant. The site also had a strong focus on user guides, helping new smartphone buyers make the best of their devices. But as smartphone platforms matured, so have their users, and I decided that Know Your Cell's strategy and direction should change, too--along with its name.

After hours of agonizing over what to call the new site, my colleagues and I chose The Full Signal. In wireless parlance, having a full signal means having a strong and uninterrupted connection between your mobile device and wireless tower. That's what I want The Full Signal to be for you: a strong and clear connection between you and what's happening in the mobile and wireless world. No fluff, no distractions and no noise.

Our vision, moving forward, is to give you clarity on mobile and wireless news. We want to deliver thoughtful analysis and opinion on what's happening in the space that we love. We want to continue giving you unbiased hardware and software reviews so that you can make informed buying decisions. And we also want to introduce you to the people in this industry, too--from app developers to hardware manufacturers to end users whose lives depend on this technology, we really want you to see it all and become involved.

And now, I'd like to introduce our team. We've grown considerably over the past year and everyone here has had a critical role in making the site bigger and better.

Stephen Tenerowicz, who was actually here before I joined the team, is continuing the site's tradition of creating helpful user guides, tips and how-to articles for new and curious smartphone users. I still don't know whether to call him Steve or Stephen, and I still can't spell his last name without checking his byline. I hope he can forgive me.

Then Stacy Warden joined us. Stacy came to us from the Chicago Sun-Times, and she happens to be a former colleague of mine. With her sass and wit, Stacy is exactly what we needed to deliver news and opinions in a style that you didn't see very often in a mostly male-dominated industry.

Not long after Stacy came on board, Esther Shein joined Know Your Cell. If the name doesn't sound familiar, it's because Esther is behind the scenes whipping us all into shape. As our copy editor, Esther makes sure that our articles are coherent, factually correct and free of spelling and grammatical errors. She has been a life saver for us.

Tony Crammond writes for us all the way from England, which is why his posts are all class, even when he's ripping apart sometimes spurious rumors and low-quality devices. I tend to read Tony's posts with an English accent in my head to get that regal feeling.

Last, but not least, is my friend Marin Perez. Five years ago, while I was at BGR, I first made contact with Marin when he sent me an e-mail to correct some figures I fudged with regard to some T-Mobile sales. A few years later, we would be working together at IntoMobile, where I'd stay on for a year and a half before coming to work here. It's a pleasure to be working with Marin again, given his experience and expertise, and it's also comforting to know that someone can party as hard as he does and still work like a machine.

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