iPhone 5S caught on camera?

News Tony Crammond 03:58, Feb 11 2013

Images reportedly showing Apple’s next-gen iPhone 5S have leaked online

If rumor is to be believed, than the iPhone 5S could be with users as soon as the spring, and with that welcome thaw rapidly approaching we’ve gotten what could be our first glimpse of the upcoming incremental upgrade, courtesy of some undercover business from the middle kingdom.

The photos, which turned up first on the Chinese site Zol.com.cn, are rumored to have been taken by a savvy Foxconn employee, and in them we’re able to see distinct similarities between this allegedly new device and the current iPhone 5 which has been selling by the boatload, though this new face and backplate on display looks decidedly longer than the current model.

While the plausibility factor is high with these images, we’re a little unsure what to make of the overall appearance of the device. The device in question looks more like the well-used iPhone 7 meme which took off last year rather than a real device, but Apple’s predilection with delivering a taller smartphone is well known – so who knows what we could be facing come iPhone 8.

That aside, the lack of design update does tie in with rumors we reported last week, which suggested that the upgrades to the 5S would be largely internal – and with Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S4 reportedly waiting in the wings, Apple is expected to push the boat out somewhat, to give users the power they so evidently crave.

While we aren’t exactly sure of the direction Apple is heading in if these images turn out to be true, we’re anxious to find out just what the first real post-Jobs iPhone will be like – and we’re counting the days until we catch an official glimpse.

Via Times of India

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