HTC DROID DNA update coming

News 09:32, Feb 12 2013

The HTC DROID DNA gets new goodies in an upcoming update

HTC DROID DNA users can expect an update pretty soon, according to Verizon Wireless. The software version will be numbered 2.04.605.2 710RD, and will include lots of little tweaks and bug fixes.

Here's a quick list of what DROID DNA users can expect from the coming update:

  • Ability to load videos on HuluPlus
  • Improvements to Hotspot connectivity
  • Improvements to Audio Quality for wired headsets and earpieces
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity and volume level for specific models
  • Enhanced reliability and stability of the Contacts List
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Improvements to default browser for zooming
  • Incoming messages display with the correct timestamp
  • Enhanced Recent Apps functionality

All of those improvements should make the DROID DNA more of a pleasure to use than it already is. We gave it pretty high marks in our review, namely because of the sharp, high-resolution display and its speed and performance.

The HTC DROID DNA has a five inch, 1920 x 1080 display at 441ppi, which is insanely high. There is no real way to describe it other than saying you have to see it to believe it. It really is the killer feature for the phone, because I absolutely hate HTC Sense UI in its current iteration -- I'm hoping that Sense 5.0 will be much better -- so the performance and display are what won me over.

If you're looking to buy the DROID DNA, you can get it new for just $49.99 from Wirefly as we mentioned yesterday if you're a new customer. Deals like that are sure to get better, so we'll keep you posted when we come across something better, but that's pretty damn good as it is now.

As far as the DROID DNA update goes, there is no official date from Verizon, but expect this to be the kind of update that gets rolled out to masses of users rather than having everyone on the network update at once. Since the DROID DNA update has already been delineated with specific fixes, one can only imagine that it will be coming any day now.

[Via: IntoMobile]

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