Galaxy S4 launch rumored for March

News Stacy Warden 09:08, Feb 13 2013

How will Samsung's Galaxy S4 compare to its current S3? Here's what we think

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone may very well be a near mirror image of the company's Galaxy S3 handset -- at least where design is concerned. Rumor has it that Samsung wants to keep its organic and "human-centric" form of its current flagship phone. It's unclear what exactly that could mean for the S4's overall design, but it likely implies keeping the three-button setup. Our sister site, Know Your Mobile, points out that Samsung has likely tested a configuration in which it nixed the buttons, only to find it wasn't up to par. 

The Galaxy S4 is also expected to feature a large, five-inch 440ppi Super AMOLED display and Samsung's 1.8GHz Exynos 5 Octa eight-core chip (which supposedly boosts speed and helps extend battery-life). There's also talk of 5G Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and FM Radio. As for the fancy extras, we're not expecting an S-Pen with the Galaxy S4, but new, innovative gesture controls are a possibility.

The latest rumors also suggest that the hot new handset will launch this March, and will then hit the market sometime in April -- quite a jump from the possible May or June date that surfaced just last week. Then again, it's likely that the S4 will launch earlier in the UK, so odds remain that an early summer release is most likely for buyers in the states. 

Additionally, recent reports indicate that Samsung also has two other devices up its sleeve, which it could launch right alongside the Galaxy S4. These would include a Galaxy S4 mini and a Galaxy Watch -- because another smart watch is just what the world needs ...

While we're waiting to hear an official announcement from Samsung, check out the full rundown on the Galaxy S4 in our rumor roundup.  

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