Galaxy S4 mini to launch this spring?

News Stacy Warden 09:53, Feb 13 2013

Samsung rumored to launch a mini handset with its upcoming Galaxy S4

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is expected to launch alongside a smaller version of itself this spring. According to SamMobile, the Korean smartphone maker isn't stopping with its five-inch upcoming Android-based handset. The rumor suggests that we'll not only see a Galaxy S4 mini, but there's also talk of a Galaxy Watch. Aside from the obvious fact that the S4 mini would be smaller, details about the scaled-down smartphone are nil. 

If Samsung's smaller handset is a real thing, here's to hoping the company conjures up a name that doesn't directly compete with Apple's iPad mini. If mobile history has proven anything, it's that those two companies will duke it out in court over the most trivial crap. As for that whole Galaxy Watch thing ... we can't imagine it would do very well, but Samsung has surprised us in the past with products like its Note "phablet," which we thought would flop from the start.

Name games and wearable tech aside, Samsung's full-size Galaxy S4 is expected to look just like its S3 predecessor and will likely keep its button control setup. The five-inch handset is also rumored to sport 5G Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and FM Radio. On top of that, it should pack Samsung's Exynos Octa eight-chip processor, which claims to boost speed and help extend battery-life. 

As for launch dates, all signs currently point to March with an April release date in the U.K. We'll most likely see it here in the states sometime in May or June. While we're waiting to hear more, you can catch up with our full rundown on the Galaxy S4 in our rumor roundup. You can also check out the top five features we're hoping to see in Samsung's shiny new handset, and chime in with your own Galaxy S4 fantasies. 


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