Google Now Widget arrives for 4.1+ devices

News Tony Crammond 04:42, Feb 14 2013

A widget for Google Now on Jelly Bean has rocked up on devices with the latest Android update

Google Now, which aims to predict what information a user might need before they even ask for it, has now got a widget, to bring users into faster contact with the info that they need the most.

The widget came as part of the most recent update to the Google Search app and there were a few other features added too, including new home screen and lock screen widgets, movie cards courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes and a shiny new music button.

Another key improvement added is integration with real estate agent Zillow, which allows Google Now to sync with the company’s website and alert prospective buyers to houses in their area that have newly come on to the market – and while they’re visiting the properties Google Now can use location services to push property information directly to their smartphones or tablets, taken directly from the Zillow website.

These features are only the tip of the iceberg according to Google’s Now team though.

The next major update to the Android OS, Key Lime Pie, is going to see some major improvements, according to reports, and Google Now is going to be at the head of the line when they’re being dished out, as Google prepares to push its virtual personal assistant hard to rival Apple’s obtuse Siri.

We’re a fan of both, here at The Full Signal, but the overall usefulness of Google’s service far outweighs the novelty of Siri at the moment. Just being able to take a glance at our phone first thing in the morning to see our commute time in friendly looking pastel letters takes the pressure off and we’re genuinely looking forward to seeing the direction that the service takes in the future.

You can update your Google Search app via the Google Play Store right now, and we suggest you do!

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