Best apps for the Nexus 10

News Tony Crammond 06:31, Feb 14 2013

We bring you our top 10 apps for Google's Nexus 10 Android tablet

The Nexus 10 is Google’s take on the larger side of the tablet market, and the device really is quite something. But as we all know, the real secret to a successful tablet is the selection of apps available, which enable the user to make the very most of the hardware – and with that in mind, here is our list of the best apps around for the Nexus 10.

HD Widgets

We know this isn’t really an app per se, but’s HD Widgets bring a great new dimension to the Nexus 10’s expansive home screen. You can add weather and clock widgets, which don’t look terribly dissimilar to HTC’s Sense UI, power control widgets and a bunch more too. This is one purchase we feel you really ought to make.


Flipboard turns your Nexus 10 into a glossy, interactive magazine. It can draw from publications you choose like your favourite newspapers, websites or magazines, and it can also make use of what your friends are sharing by syncing with your chosen social networks. Once you’ve gotten used to reading through this app you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


Many musicians, authors and amateur film makers use Bit Torrent to share their content, as the medium is secure, easy to grasp and 100 percent free, and if you’re a Nexus 10 user then you’ll want ADownloader. It’s a very user-friendly, bit torrent client that will allow you to download and upload directly from your device.


The Nexus 10 is ideal for enjoying HD movies and TV shows while you’re away from your desk or smart TV. Obviously you need a Netflix subscription to access the content but once you’re signed up you’re good to go, as the app is quick, easy to use and relatively free of bugs.


If you don’t want to spring for a Netflix subscription then you can always share your home media via Wi-Fi with Plex. Simply install the app on your tablet, then on your computer, and you can stream music, movies and photos directly to your device with the minimum of set-up fuss.


This app is a must-have for wasting time. Key in your interests and hit ‘Stumble’ to me taken on a pleasant ride through the Web's best content. Hit thumbs up and you’ll receive more content of that type, thumbs down gets you less – and it looks great on the Nexus 10’s Super PLS TFT screen.


If you’re not averse to broadening your horizons then you should check out TED, which gives you access to the full selection of talks, brought to you courtesy of the non-profit Sapling Foundation. Content ranges from science to music, from business to medicine – there are literally hundreds of talks available from the most learned people on the planet. So install, sit back and drink it in.

Google Drive

We really don’t know why Google Drive isn’t installed by default, but it should be. This app gives you access to your free 5GB of cloud space that Google supplies all of its users with. You can upload documents, music, movies – anything you want access to while you’re out and about. Cloud space is the future, and this is a great place for uninitiated users to get to grips with it.


Turn your Nexus 10 into the world’s largest e-book reader with this app. It brings together all of your books and magazines and syncs with Amazon’s cloud service to ensure that your notes, bookmarks and other content are shared in relative real time across all of your devices.


If you read comic books then you need ComicRack – it really is that simple. The app reads CBR, CBZ, PDF and DJVU without any trouble and even syncs with your Windows PC wirelessly to ensure that all of your eComics are where you want them, when you want them.

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