iPhone 6 Wishlist

News Tony Crammond 05:36, Feb 18 2013

Dear Apple, please could you read our wish list for the iPhone 6 and begin work/development accordingly? Sincerely, The Full Signal

Apple’s iPhone 6 is reportedly already in development, but we don’t expect to see the device for a number of months – which gives us plenty of time to lay-out in plain, demanding language what we want to see featured on the device. 

So, Apple folks, grab your pens and begin taking notes.

More Storage

We’ve grudgingly come to terms with the fact that Apple doesn’t ‘do’ removable storage and with the implementation of iCloud the issue has become less pressing, but that still doesn’t mean that people don’t need local space for files and media.

We’d love to see the iPhone 6 launch with 32GB of on-board storage as standard, with incremental upgrades to 64GB and 128GB available to those that need them. 

iTunes Match for free

Google Music is a service which offers the same as Apple’s iTunes Match but Google doesn’t charge a groat for the privilege of using it. If Apple is to stay in the race with Google then it needs to consider offering users a little more for their money, as the ‘premium’ devices just aren’t cutting it any more.

Rolling out iTunes Match for free with the iPhone 6 would be a good start. 

Competitive internals

Yes, we know that Apple utilizes its power in a different way and doesn’t always need to have the fastest processor on the block, but if iPhone users are to stay on an even keel with Android, and make use of the same apps and services, then a decent boost needs to be rolled out with the iPhone 6.

We’re talking quad-core, 2GB RAM and a battery which competes with the iPad, please!


Near Field Communication isn’t full streamlined into the retail environment yet but it’s rapidly gaining ground and we want, no, need to have that feature packed away within the aesthetically pleasing confines of our iPhone 6.

We know you’re worried about users actually sharing their files the way they want to and everything, Apple, but you can’t overlook NFC for ever.

So c’mon, be realistic, let’s have it.

Bigger (not just taller) screen

It was nice to see a larger, improved screen in the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 6 needs to up the ante and offer users not just a taller display, but a larger, higher quality one too.

Full HD is fast becoming the retail standard now and if Apple wants the iPhone 6 to be able to hold its own against the incoming surge of high-end Android devices which will likely go on display at Mobile World Congress next week then it needs to consider at least a 4.6-inch screen for the iPhone 6.

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