Windows 8 Surface Phone: Release date, prices and rumored specs

News Tony Crammond 06:49, Feb 20 2013

We take a look at the gossip that has been circulating regarding Microsoft's alleged Surface Phone

Microsoft’s Surface hasn’t been the huge hit that some people predicted, but talk of a smartphone version quickly gained momentum back in October, only to sink below the surface of the gossip pond without so much as a bubble to be seen – but what of that fabled Surface phone? Is it still something to which users can look forward? 

With a view to finding out, we’ve sorted the plausible from the risible to bring you the very latest on the Windows 8 Surface Phone.

Release Date

According to sources online, Taiwanese company Foxconn, which currently builds the iPhone 5, has already received orders for the Windows 8 Surface Phone with a view to the device being released in mid to late 2013.

Could we be looking at another October launch party? We think it’s possible.


The one thing which has burdened the Surface has been unrealistic pricing, and it’s something which we’re hoping that Microsoft doesn’t bring across to the Windows 8 Surface Phone. Ideally the device, which should be packing some pretty impressive tech, should come in around the $700-$800 mark, in order to compete directly with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Apple’s iPhone 6, which could launch around the same time.

Rumored Spec

A prototype which  bears the dubious moniker of ‘Juggernaut Alpha’ was tracked down by a French blog to Microsoft’s campus in Richmond, VA, suggesting that the device has already reached an advanced stage of development.

Currently we believe the device to be in possession of a 4.7-inch display, an 8-megapixel primary camera and a quad-core processor, which may be Qualcomm’s S4 Pro and, obviously, the device will run on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Naturally, all the parties involved have declined to comment on this on-going gossip, but it won’t be long before we find out for real what’s going on!

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