SwiftKey 4 gets gesture typing

News Marin Perez 11:21, Feb 20 2013

The SwiftKey 4 keyboard on Android now has the Flow gesture typing, predictions across 60 languages and more

The SwiftKey 4 hit the Android market this morning and it includes a free gesture-typing feature known as Flow and multiple other improvements. 

I've long considered SwiftKey the best Android keyboard app because it actually learns how you write and adjusts its contextual predictions based on that information. It's considerably better than most of the keyboards that you'll find built-in on handsets.  

We saw the SwiftKey Flow gesture-based typing in the beta a few months ago and this lets you trace your way on the keyboard to spell out words. This is a standard part of SwiftKey 4 now and it's a nice addition for those who like to type this way. I've never been fully comfortable with gesture typing but it's definitely a nice option to have. 

SwiftKey 4 also adds support for contextual predictions across 60 langauages and the ability to make corrections easier. Of course, SwiftKey 4 will also do auto-corrections, word suggestions and more.  

The SwiftKey 4 app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store. I'd suggest trying the free trial, see if you like it and then buy the full version if it suits your needs. I think it's definitely worth it for the time it saves. 

Download SwiftKey 4 here. 

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