Tegra 4 smartphone from NVIDIA and ZTE is in the works

News 05:08, Feb 21 2013

ZTE and NVIDIA are working on a Tegra 4 smartphone this year

ZTE and NVIDIA are partnering up for the first Tegra 4 smartphone ever. It's being called a Super Phone, and the target for launch is some time in mid 2013. The Tegra 4 quad-core processor got a lot of hype during CES, where the Project Shield gaming console was unveiled with Tegra 4. Oddly, the decision to partner with ZTE for the first Tegra 4 smartphone is an interesting one, given its lack of popularity when compared to the likes of HTC or LG. And so we wonder if we'll ever see it in the U.S. where ZTE has little to no presence.

One has to wonder whether hints of the Tegra 4 Super Phone will be dropped at MWC, or if a prototype will be announced. It's not uncommon to see prototype devices from NVIDIA at trade shows, like Project Shield at CES, so if there is a unit at MWC it'd be interesting to see preliminary performance numbers.

Hopefully Tegra 4 will be more popular than its predecessor, Tegra 3. While Tegra 3 was a solid processor, it was often out-performed by Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 processor. The Tegra 3 was found in the international version of the HTC One X, for example, but for the U.S. version on AT&T, the One X had Qualcomm's S4 processor, and it arguably performed better than the Tegra 3 model with less overheating and better battery life. However, when the updated HTC One X+ was released for AT&T, it had a 1.7GHz Tegra 3 processor in it, and it was great.

ZTE will obviously be the first of many Tegra 4 smartphones or Super Phones we'll be seeing, so we'll keep a close eye at MWC, which begins next week. Be sure to stay tuned and we'll keep you abreast with all the NVIDIA news we can gather.

[Via: SlashGear]

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