BlackBerry money messenger service in testing

News Stacy Warden 09:14, Feb 26 2013

BlackBerry is testing a new feature that will let you transfer funds directly through BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry is testing out all kinds of new features with its latest BlackBerry 10 operating system. In its latest move, the Canadian smartphone maker has teamed with Indonesian bank PT Bank Permata, in a project that will let folks immediately transfer money straight to their contacts using the BlackBerry Messenger service. 

BlackBerry is currently testing the money messaging service and hopes that it will give it a boost against rival services like WhatsApp Inc. As Bloomberg points out, this could also help the smartphone maker break into a territory currently dominated by Western Union and MoneyGram International Inc. Larry Berlin, an analyst at First Analysis Corp. in Chicago, told the publication that such a feat won't be easy. "It's tough to get into the market as you've got a lot of competition and there are a lot of compliance and logistics issues. Could it be the right play if people like the phones? Yeah, but it's not going to be easy," he said. 

So what's the point of BlackBerry's money messenger feature, anyway? Well, for one, it can make the dreaded process of paying back your pals insanely simple. Let's say you're at a cash-only pub and you don't feel like forking over the totally lame ATM fee. Your friend has enough cash to foot the bill, so you're covered because you can pay him back in mere seconds directly over BlackBerry Messenger. 

“If they want to do the payment, they just go into BBM Money and they transfer in a simple way as if they were chatting," Bianto Surodjo, head of electronic channels at the Indonesian bank told Bloomberg. “We want to put financial activities into customers’ habits because BlackBerry Messenger is becoming like the culture here for people to communicate." Surodjo also said that BBM Money will have a few hundred thousand users at Permata within just 12 months.




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