Mopho makes your phone camera better

News Marin Perez 08:31, Feb 27 2013

The Mopho software will let you do things like adjust the focus and make videos less shaky

While Mobile World Congress 2013 was a site for hot new phones, it's also the breeding ground for great software from companies you've probably never heard of. One of those companies is Mopho and it may make your smartphone pictures better than ever.

Mopho works on mobile software that brings high-end, DSLR-like camera features to your handset. For example, there was a demonstration where you could take a picture of a bunny with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and then fiddle with the focus afterwards. 

The best way to explain this is to just show you. Check out how different these two pictures look with just a slight swipe of a bar and be sure to pay attention to the background in the photos. 




Mopho also showed off some image-stabilization software that greatly reduced the amount of shaking in some videos. This did come at a price though, as the more stable videos were being cropped by about 10 percent. 

Mopho is a Japanese company that sells to handset makers and carriers, so you likely won't be interacting with Mopho directly. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see a major handset maker eventually buying Mopho and integrating this camera technology into all of its smartphones. 

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