Google Plus sign-in takes a page from Facebook

News Stacy Warden 09:07, Feb 27 2013

Google Plus sign-in can now be used to access third-party services. Here's how it works

Here's some news that feels like it should have come a long time ago: Google Plus just revamped its sign-in feature so that you can now use it to login to third-party services, including your Android apps.

That's great and all, but doesn't it feel just a touch overdue, given that Facebook has dominated this sphere for what feels like forever now? And it's not like Facebook has been alone in this; other popular social networking sites like Twitter offer this feature too. Could this be another case of 'better late than never' for Google's slow-to-grow social circles? Let's take a look.

While this whole Google Plus sign-in feature looks like the farthest thing from innovation, it's still an essential move in the direction of keeping up. Facebook's sign-in feature has proven successful because it means users only have to remember one password instead of some 10 million. Google Plus now affords you the same luxury with the added bonus of fine-tuning what you're sharing and who you're sharing it with. This allows you to choose specific circles for specific apps. As AllThingsD points out, it can be particularly useful for connecting with niche groups:

"Google Plus sign-in allows users to target how apps are sharing to friends in a more granular way. From the permissions page upon sign-in, you’re able to specify which circles you want a particular app to share to, while excluding the folks you think won’t care about that particular app activity. So for example, if you connect Plus with the Fitbit app, you may only want to share your exercise activity with a select group of particularly athletic friends. Google Plus sign-in lets you do that."

Google thinks this could help users feel more secure with the ways in which their information is traveling. And, of course, the search giant is also focused on the potential benefits here for developers. If Google Plus users embrace the new sign-in feature, developers will be able to target their apps more effectively, ideally resulting in a smoother experience for all involved. 


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