Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: top tips

News Tony Crammond 06:59, Mar 04 2013

Get more from your Galaxy Note 10.1 with these handy tips and tricks

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 is a fantastic device and one of only a handful of tablets which can go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPad and emerge unscathed. It offers high-end hardware, Google’s hugely impressive Android OS (Jelly Bean) and Samsung’s S-Pen, which adds a new dimension of usefulness to the tablet.

If you’re keen to get a little more from your Galaxy Note 10.1 though, there are a few ways – and here are our favorites.

Kies is your friend

Samsung Kies is a desktop program that allows you to manage content on your device. It can communicate with your Galaxy Note 10.1 via USB or Wi-Fi and provides a number of highly useful functions, such as backing up your tablet, managing firmware and adding new features to your hardware.

Get to the root of the tablet

As with all Android hardware, the Galaxy Note 10.1 gives users the ability to get ‘root,’ which loosely translates as unfettered administrative privilege. Once you’ve rooted your tablet you’ll be able to customize it extensively, install apps that require special privileges, such as ad-blocking software and even load new, custom firmware on the device. 

Rooting can invalidate your warranty but is completely reversible. Head over to the XDA Developers Forum to find out how you go about it. Read carefully though, because doing something wrong could cause your hardware to malfunction.

Enjoy your HD media

The Galaxy Note 10.1 has a great screen, perfect for enjoying HD media, but files over 4GB won’t work on Android. Don’t fret though, because you can simply transcode your video file and make it smaller without losing any of the quality. Handbrake is a great freeware program that will do the job for you – no techy skills required.

Make use of Smart Stay

If you’re using your Galaxy Note 10.1 as an e-reader – a job it performs flawlessly – you should enable Smart Stay. Your device will then watch you and maintain the screen’s brightness as long as you’re looking at it. As soon as you look away, it will dim, saving your battery. Head into ‘Settings’ and check the box that says ‘Smart Stay’ – simple!

Find out about your tablet, quickly

Key in *#1234# to view information about your device, such as software version, without having to go digging through menus. Similarly, you can use the code *#12580*369# to find out about your device’s hardware and software. There are a bunch more of these codes, some more useful than others, which are well worth checking out – such as *#7780# to perform a factory reset (so be careful!) and *#3282*727336*#, which lists your data usage status.

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