iPad 5: what to expect

News Tony Crammond 05:33, Mar 07 2013

We take a look at what users can realistically expect from Apple's next-gen iPad

People may not be overly happy with Apple for moving ahead with iPad development at such a rapid pace, but we’re almost always anxious to see what improvements the company rolls out with each incremental upgrade to the range – even if said upgrade is pushed out only six months after the last. 

But what can users expect from this next device?

According to sources the iPad 5 could launch in late March to early April, alongside an upgraded iPad Mini 2, and recent leaks of the device’s overhauled case would indicate that it’s well into production. But this is Apple we’re talking about, so nothing has been confirmed or denied, and until we get an invite we’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

The iPad brand has become synonymous with quality display technology and the iPad 5 looks set to continue that trend with an IGZO display that draws up to 90 percent less power. IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide) technology, which was developed in part by Sharp, is widely expected to feature in the new iPhone 6 too, so users can look forward to longer battery life and much more pleasing contrast in both devices. 

Pixel density remains a mystery, but IGZO technology can handle up to 330PPI, so a marked improvement over the iPad 4 is likely -- though how that will hold up against the impending range of super sharp 1080P tablets on the horizon we aren't sure.

The iPad 5 will almost certainly come in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB flavors.

Apple could also implement its A7 chipset in the iPad 5, which would offer lower power demands and higher performance across the board. Will the company up the device’s RAM to 2GB to keep up with the rest of the market though? We’re not so sure – so expect 1GB to remain the standard for now.

The iPad 5’s new design was plain to see in recent leaked images of the tablet’s case (if indeed they prove accurate). Along with this tweaked aesthetic we expect to see a thinner tablet, with some sources quoting 7.2mm as the magic number. This would tie-in with the rumors surrounding the IGZO display, which is ultra-thin tech.

Naturally a thinner iPad 5 would be a lighter iPad 5, so expect a lighter device too, and that's something we're always happy to hear.

According to sources Apple is very keen for the iPad 5 to charge far quicker than the iPad 4 and with a chipset and display on-board that demand less power. That’s a very real possibility and, of course, the introduction of iOS 7 with plenty of software tweaks will improve matters further still.

All that remains is to finally catch a glimpse of the device but, as we mentioned, we could be looking at a release of the iPad 5 as soon as next month, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

We're thinking the iPad 5 may come as soon as August, but more realistically it may come around October. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know down below and we'll be happy to chat about all things iPad 5 with you!

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