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Reviews 12:53, Feb 02 2010

Check out our review of PayPal - now you can make secure electronic direct from your BlackBerry

Advertising splash screens don’t really work on the BlackBerry. They’re work horses, where every second counts. Unfortunately PayPal makes you wait, with a color image telling you just what you can use PayPal for.

Of course, if you’ve installed PayPal on your BlackBerry you already know what it’s for and why you want to use it...

You’ll need to have a PayPal account before you can use the application. That’s not really surprising – it’s a good idea to have all your security ducks in a row when working with applications that have access to your bank account or your credit cards.

If you’ve registered a security token to use with the PayPal web site, you’ll be pleased to know that the BlackBerry application supports two-factor authentication.

You’ll need to append the current code from your token to your password before you can use PayPal on your BlackBerry (not as easy as it might be on a small keyboard).

It’s pleasing to see just how much security has been put into the application. There’s a quick timeout, so if you leave your phone lying around with the application running someone can’t quickly send themselves a pile of cash from your account.

Once you’re logged in there are four tabs: one for your current account balance, one to send money to someone, one to see your account history, and one to change your account settings.

The history tab lets you split out money sent from money received, helping you quickly see just how you’ve been using PayPal. The balance screen itself is straightforward, showing our current balance in both pounds and dollars.

The main reason for using PayPal on a BlackBerry is to send money to someone no matter where you are – perhaps if you need to pay your share of a restaurant bill without racking up the IOUs – so it’s not surprising that sending a payment is easy.

All you need is an email address or a phone number. Fill the details in (adding a comment if you want), add an amount in one of a long list of currencies, and you’re ready to send your contact the cash!

Using PayPal as an application is surprisingly easy. The application is well designed, and has enough security to let you feel comfortable installing it on your phone.

Our only real quibble is that you’re unlikely to use it very often, and we’re not entirely sure if that makes it worth the download.

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Platform: BlackBerry

Cost: Free

Developer: PayPal

Website/Demo: PayPal website

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