New Explicit category could bring adult content back to the App Store

News Sean Fallon 12:57, Feb 24 2010

An Explicit category has turned up in the App Store application process the likely future home of recently banned adult apps

Apple's decision to ban any apps from the App Store that contain "adult" content has caused quite a stir recently, especially since the ban seems to have been applied only to small developers.

Many argued that the decision was hypocritical and heavy handed. Why make the rash decision to ban the content instead of refining parental controls?

According to Cult of Mac, Apple may be working on just such a solution. A developer noted that an "Explict" category has turned up in the App Store application process, but it has yet to appear in the App Store itself. This could mean Apple is trying to find a better way to bring mature content to the App Store, or it could mean that Apple has found a more efficient way to segregate and banish apps it deems inappropriate. We'll all have to wait and see.

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