New Microsoft Courier tablet images and details emerge

News Zach Epstein 12:06, Mar 05 2010

Images and new details surrounding Microsoft's highly anticipated Courier tablet come to light

Quite a coincidence that new images and details surrounding Microsoft's upcoming Courier tablet would "leak" on the same day Apple announced release details for the iPad, but the new info is welcomed just the same.

Reportedly set to be billed as a digital journal, the Microsoft Courier is a small portable dual-touchscreen tablet that may finally reach market in the second half of this year, Engadget reports.

The tablet device will reportedly be approximately 5x7-inches and will be powered by a Tegra 2 processor. It will not run Windows 7, Microsoft's PC operating system, but will instead be based on the Windows CE 6 platform, like the Zune HD and Microsoft's upcoming Project Pink devices.

The courier interface will also feature a variety of social networking functionality, with what appear to be dedicated widgets for services like Facebook and Twitter. It may also support 3G connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi.

Interaction with the Microsoft Courier will apparently involve a stylus of some sort, though we would imagine finger touches will be recognized as well. There still isn't much detail surrounding the actual hardware, though the report mentions that an integrated camera and an audio jack will both be present.

Also of note, Microsoft apparently plans to launch its own e-book service and the Courier will play a big role in Microsoft's e-book strategy.

Pricing is still a mystery but a supposed launch in Q3 or Q4 means we should get some official details from Microsoft soon enough.

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