Windows Phone 7 Series unlocked

News Zach Epstein 08:03, Mar 19 2010

The emulator for Microsoft's upcoming mobile OS has already been unlocked; task manager, file explorer and more uncovered

Earlier this week, we exclusively broke the news that xda-developers forum members had obtained the first code dump from the Windows Phone 7 Series emulator. We told you it wouldn't be long before they had their way with it, and we were right.

Three short days later, developer Dan Ardelean unlocked the emulator and uncovered a host of goodies, MobileTechWorld reports.

Along with a host of new screen shots that have rained down, we see a file manager and more importantly, a full featured task manager.

More fun details will certainly emerge over the coming days, but this further illustrates just how quickly mobile developers work.

Power users whose eyes watered up upon learning of Microsoft's multitasking limitations can dry those tears -- expect a Windows Phone 7 Series "jailbreak" long before devices even hit store shelves.

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