MetroPCS and Samsung to launch first LTE phone and network in America

News Ryan Hamrick 17:46, Mar 24 2010

MetroPCS and Samsung surprise everyone with the announcement of a partnership to pioneer LTE launches in the U.S.

In an unexpected move, Samsung has partnered with selective-market carrier MetroPCS for the first LTE network and device rollout in the U.S., Slash Gear reports.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Sprint HTC EVO 4G reveal, MetroPCS has announced the 2H 2010 arrival of a comercially-available LTE network and a Samsung device capable of taking advantage of it. The device will be the Samsung SCH-r900, which has yet to be shown off by either Samsung or MetroPCS, but will run both CDMA and LTE.

How many markets will MetroPCS be lighting up this year? Well, they've only announced one, so far -- Las Vegas. The key takeaway here, though, is that we will indeed see LTE goodness stateside before year's end.

No further details on the Samsung device mentioned, but we're sure that after this announcement, and with the launch taking place in as early as a few months, we're bound to hear more very soon.

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