Motorola to launch 2GHz Android phone in 2010

News Ryan Hamrick 08:48, Jun 10 2010

Motorola is swinging for the fences with superphone plans that may leave all other smartphones in the dust

On Monday, Apple announced that the iPhone 4 will become available later this month, with pre-orders starting June 15th. Leading up to the 15th, we expected to at least be teased with some upcoming offerings from some of its competitors, before consumers drop their paychecks on new Apple hotness next Tuesday.

Well, it appears Motorola Co-CEO Sanjay Jha hasn't overlooked this little window of opportunity. Just yesterday, at the Executives Club of Chicago, Jha reportedly decided to chat about the relatively near future of the mobile landscape as he sees it -- which, in part, includes the ultimate demise of mobile computers in favor of highly-capable smartphones.

This being his vision, Jha discussed Motorola's plans for a smartphone with an astounding 2GHz processor -- by the end of this year.

While Jha wasn't feeling frisky enough to divulge any further information, Conceivably Tech cites another anonymous MOTOEXEC who was a little more chatty, talking up a device intended to "incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today." Whoa.

Manufacturers usually seem to avoid this "smartphone utopia" scenario like the plague, if for no other reason than to avoid destroying sales of current smartphones.

However, if this 2GHz chip-packing Android-based device with Nvidia Tegra graphics, Flash 10.1, gyroscope, HD video recording and output, HD screen and a greater-than-5-megapixel camera comes to life -- especially by the end of this year -- we could be looking at just that.

If the current trend of Verizon Wireless getting dibs on all of Motorola's highest-end Android phones holds strong, this "by the end of the year" time-frame could make an interesting Verizon lineup in time for the holidays.

This would also make the rumors of a Verizon iPhone by year-end even more intriguing -- or does it dash them?

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