HP completes Palm acquisition

News Sean Fallon 11:25, Jul 01 2010

The $1.2 billion transaction has taken place and Palm is officially absorbed into HP

The announcement that HP was to aquire Palm only happened this past April, but the details of the purchase have all been ironed out and the $1.2 billion transaction has been completed. Palm is now officially a part of HP.

So what will Palm's new future look like?

Well, HP's CEO Mark Hurd recently claimed that his company "didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business", but word is that webOS is on the cusp of a new era and will be integrated into everything from new HP-branded smartphones, notebooks and tablets to printers.

Though the future applications of webOS are still speculative, Palm has promised that it will share details about its future "as soon as we can."

Let's just hope HP doesn't seriously put smartphones on the backburner -- webOS is too good to have Palm's smartphone efforts go to waste.

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