Sprint 4G coming soon to NYC?

News Zach Epstein 10:10, Aug 02 2010

Reports of live Sprint 4G in New York City continue to pour in - but the service is still just being tested

Reports of New Yorkers being able to latch on to Sprint 4G signals in and around Manhattan continue to spread across the Internet.

Live 4G service in the New York area was first discovered back in May of this year, when Sprint subscribers with 4G devices like the Sprint Overdrive, a portable mobile hotspot, were able to connect to 4G.

This was simply a result of testing and 4G service was only available for one or two minutes at a time before disappearing.

More recently, however, EVO 4G and Sprint Overdrive users in the New York area have been reporting extended availability of Sprint's 4G service in the area. In fact, some users have seen download speeds in excess of 6Mbps for days at a time.

This has lead many to believe that Sprint had soft-launched 4G service in New York.

Know Your Cell reached out to a Sprint spokesperson for comment and was reassured that 4G service has not yet launched in New York:

We have not launched 4G in NYC yet. As they have been recently, customers may continue to stumble across 4G from time to time in NYC as we work to build, test and optimize the network.

While the 4G launch in New York City might not yet be official, the extended periods of time that Sprint's 4G service is accessible in New York could very well mean that 4G service is in the final stages of testing and may launch soon.

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