1GHz overclock patch for Palm Pre now available

News Zach Epstein 14:42, Aug 27 2010

webOS has finally reached the 1GHz mark thanks to UberKernel for the Palm Pre

Are you among the webOS faithful you have had to sit idly by while competitors continue to boast about "Snapdragon" this and "Gigahertz" that?

Those days are over, Palm fans.

The latest version of UberKernel, a patch for the Palm Pre that overclocks its processor to the coveted 1GHz mark, is now available to the public, PreCentral reports.

With the patch applied, the Palm Pre's processor will churn just as fast as the popular Qualcomm Snapdragon found in many Android devices, Samsung's Hummingbird processor and Apple's A4 CPU. Whether or not the OS can keep up is another question entirely.

To that effect, PreCentral blogger Derek Kessler calls the overclocked Pre "blazingly fast", and many users seem to agree.

Of course it should be noted that overclocking your Palm Pre may cause irreversible damage to your device, and it may void your warranty.

If that disclaimer doesn't deter you, however, follow the link above and get ready for some serious speed.

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