MetroPCS launches LTE in Vegas, more cities on the way

News Ryan Hamrick 09:01, Sep 21 2010

With a launch in Las Vegas MetroPCS becomes the first U.S. carrier to offer LTE service to the public

We've admittedly had our fair share of skepticism over the months since MetroPCS announced that they'd be launching what would be the first LTE service in the states.

Today, MetroPCS has launched a site that announces the availability of 4G LTE service in Las Vegas.

Here's the catch, though. The Samsung Craft -- MetroPCS's first LTE smartphone -- isn't available. Nor are any other devices capable of even accessing the network.

Surely, some sort of LTE USB modem is right around the corner, and possibly even an actual launch of the Samsung Craft, but for now, we just have -- coverage.

MetroPCS also has announced a laundry list of additional cities that will be blessed with LTE quickness "soon". Among them are Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, and San Francisco. So much for Dallas launching initially with Vegas, but I suppose how mad can you really be when you can't even use it yet.

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