Keyboard-less Palm Mansion rumored

News Ryan Hamrick 08:56, Oct 05 2010

Rumors have Palm launching an 800x480 touchscreen device with no physical keyboard

HP's plans for the Palm brand are anyone's guess at this point, but a "very reliable tipster" is telling PreCentral that a very interesting new Palm device is in the works, code named "Mansion".

If the Mansion turns out to be a reality -- likely not by the same name, if it does -- it could bring with it some serious potential for webOS staying power.

webOS, the operating system everyone loves confined within hardware that everyone loves to hate, could win over an awful lot of new users on a more modern piece of equipment, and if rumors come to fruition, the Mansion will bring an 800x480 resolution display and a keyboard-less design a la some of the premier Android devices that are so popular today.

Palm users have grown accustomed to keyboards -- the company's never released a phone without one -- but in the iPhone and Android world of today, a design like that of the Mansion coupled with the before-its-time webOS system could be just what HP needs to resurrect the brand.

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