Dell plans to out-BlackBerry the BlackBerry

News Ryan Hamrick 10:41, Nov 05 2010

Dell is offering free Venue Pros with T-Mobile data and voice plans to employees who will give up their BlackBerrys

Dell CFO Brian Gladden is making some serious waves today in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Gladden has gone on record to announce that Dell will be offering some 25,000 employees with company-issued BlackBerry devices a shiny new Windows Phone 7-powered Dell Venue Pro with data and voice service if they give up their trusty RIM hardware.

Apparently, the plan is to implement a network system that can effectively replace BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and eliminate the need for the cost associated with a RIM setup. Not only does Dell plan to do this internally, but also to assist other companies in doing so as well.

Dell is also reportedly in talks with T-Mobile for a bulk company pool account with one big bank of minutes and data and a rollover-type scheme month-to-month.

There's no question that other platforms are making some serious headway in what is traditionally RIM's territory, but it will definitely be interesting to see if Dell, a company without a real mobile success story to date, can actually pull off a coup of this magnitude.

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