Windows Phone 7 devices troubled with Wi-Fi and microSD card issues

News Ryan Hamrick 15:48, Nov 09 2010

Reports are flooding in of widespread issues across several new Windows Phone 7 smartphones

It seems there may be trouble in Windows Phone 7 paradise. Both BGR and Windows Phone Secrets readers are reporting some different issues with their shiny new Microsoft-powered devices.

BGR reports a peculiar happening where Dell's Venue Pro -- and now possibly the HTC HD7 -- simply will not connect to a secured Wi-Fi network. Unsecured networks are reportedly fine, but if there's any kind of pass code, a "your phone couldn't reach the Wi-Fi network" error message is presented.

It's uncertain if this is just coincidentally an issue with these two handsets, or if it is a WP7-wide dilemma.

Windows Phone Secrets is also reporting that the Samsung Focus is having some trouble handling microSD cards. Microsoft itself hasn't encouraged the use of microSD memory expansion on its WP7 devices -- in fact, quite the contrary. It's possible that Samsung's attempt at being slick with expansion isn't working out too well.

Microsoft is purportedly working on a fix as we speak, but for now, AT&T employees are being instructed not to install microSD cards for Focus customers.

More as the story develops and issues are either confirmed or denied by manufacturers.

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