ZTE grows 94% in 2010, RIM no longer in the top 5 manufacturers

News Jason Cipriani 12:19, Jan 28 2011

ZTE has passed Apple and RIM to take the 4th spot of the top cell phone manufacturers worldwide

IDC has released a report covering the mobile phone market growth for 2010 revealing surprising results. According to the report the industry grew 17.9% in the fourth quarter, up 18.5% year-over-year with a staggering 1.39 billion units shipped in 2010.

Perhaps the most surprising details in the report is that little known company ZTE has moved from the “others” category of manufacturers and surpassed both Apple and RIM. ZTE now has bragging rights to the 4th spot, Apple has dropped down to 5th and RIM is now included in the same “others” section ZTE just emerged from.

ZTE shipped a total of 16.8 million units, showing a 76.8% year-over-year change for the same quarter, while Apple reported 86.2% year-over-year growth on the quarter with 16.2 million units shipped.

RIM will have its work cut out for it in 2011, starting off the year playing catch up is a position no company would want to find itself in. We have seen rumors of what may be coming from RIM this year, will it be enough to cement the company back into the top 5?

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