BlackBerry Messenger could be coming to Android and iOS

News Sean Fallon 11:04, Mar 03 2011

Could RIM actually be on the verge of bringing its beloved BlackBerry Messenger to Android and iOS devices?

RIMs BlackBerry Messenger continues to be the single best reason to actually own a BlackBerry, so it might seem odd to hear that the company might extend the platform to Android and iOS. But that's exactly what Boy Genius Report tipsters are saying will happen.

Apparently, RIM is irritated by applications like WhatsApp and Kik trying to muscle in on its territory, so they are planning to swoop in and show everyone who's boss.

The details have yet to be ironed out, but it seems as though the BBM experience will be slightly stripped down on other platforms and there may be one-time or even a recurring fee involved.

Rumor has it that Android is a definite go with and iOS version coming somewhere down the line.

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