iOS reach is 59 percent greater than Android in the US

News Sean Fallon 10:51, Apr 20 2011

Analysts claim that iOS has a 59 percent larger install base than Android in the US

Analysts are claiming Apple has a 59 per cent larger install base than Android in the US.

According to BGR, comScore research is claiming Apple has a 16.2 percent share of the 234 million media devices in the US. While Google has only 10.2 percent.

Frankly, we find this hard to believe since there are so many Android devices out there.

Here's comScore's official statement:

“The combined 37.9 million iOS users is 59 percent greater than the 23.8 million combined Android OS installed base, which includes users of both Android phones and connected media devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.”

Again, keep in mind that Android is installed on dozens of different devices across all major networks while Apple's iOS is only on the iPhone, iPod and iPad with AT&T and Verizon.

Furthermore, the research also indicates that 17.5% of iPad owners use BlackBerry smartphones and 14.2% own Android devices - meaning that iPad ownership extends beyond just the Apple fanboys.

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