Images of purported T-Mobile iPhone 4 break cover

News Stephen Tenerowicz 21:12, Apr 24 2011

Apple is reportedly already field testing an AWS-supported iPhone 4 for T-Mobile USA

Several photographs of a white iPhone 4 with AWS frequencies have leaked.

First reported on by Boy Genius Report, the handset is Model N94 compared to N92 for the Verizon iPhone and N90 for the AT&T device. The white iPhone is running a test version of iOS with apps such as the Apple Employee Directory and testing settings. From the photos, it's fairly obvious it is a test device.

To further complicate things, 9to5Mac is reporting today that the N94 T-Mobile iPhone 4 is not simply a standard iPhone 4, but it also carries an A5 processor (same as iPad 2). There has even been some speculation that the device is the an iPhone 5 prototype custom designed for game developers.

Overall, the timing of all of this is definitely odd considering the fact that AT&T is attempting to acquire T-Mobile. However, if (and that's a big if) the testing began before the acquisition news went public, I could see a T-Mobile branded Apple iPhone 4 possibly launching.

Anyway, whether T-Mobile is acquired by AT&T or not, it sure looks like T-Mobile customers will finally get a chance at buying an Apple iPhone. I guess we will find out soon enough. To check out some images, head on over to BGR!

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