Apple tries to ban several HTC devices in latest patent complaint

News Sean Fallon 11:26, Jul 12 2011

In its latest ITC filing, Apple is attempting to ban the sale of "several HTC devices" that it claims infringe on its patents

Apple is continuing their assault on competitors by filing yet another patent dispute with the International Trade Commission in an attempt to block the sale of "several" HTC devices. 

Apple's motto, it seems, should be changed to "no company left unsued". 

As you surely know by now, Apple is currently embroiled in a similar patent dispute with Samsung over possible infringement involving popular Android devices like the Nexus S, Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 10.1. 

In that suit, Samsung has fired back at Apple claiming that both the iPhone and the iPad infringed on some of its own patents. 

We would expect HTC to do the same, and there's an historical precedent beyond the current Samsung despute that supports that idea. BGR reports that Apple was involved in a similar despute with HTC last year, to which HTC responded with a countersuit. 

A few months ago, an ITC laywer claimed that siding with HTC was in the best interest of the public, but Apple appears to be undeterred.

Either way, we wouldn't expect these unspecified HTC devices to be pulled off the shelves anytime soon. 


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