HTC found guilty of infringing on two Apple patents

News Sean Fallon 12:03, Jul 18 2011

A judge for the US International Trade Commission has ruled that HTC infringed on two Apple patents, and it could be hugely damaging to Android

A judge for the US International Trade Commission dealt a huge blow to HTC over the weekend finding them guilty of infringing on two very important Apple patents. 

More specifically, HTC was found guilty on two of ten patents - numbered 5,946,647 and 6,343,263, FOSS Patents reports. 

The first deals with “system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data,” and the second a “real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data".

The important thing to take away from that is that both patents are very important to the core Android OS. 

If this ruling is upheld, and that's a big "if", it could be very damaging to all of the companies involved with Android. 

Naturally, HTC plans on appealing the ITC's ruling:

“We are highly confident we have a strong case for the ITC appeals process and are fully prepared to defend ourselves using all means possible,” said Grace Lei, General Counsel of HTC.

“We strongly believe we have alternate solutions in place for the issues raised by Apple. We look forward to resolving this case, so we can continue creating the most innovative mobile experiences for consumers.”

The final ruling is set to be handed down on December 6th 2011. As alluded to earlier, if Apple wins it could have ramifications that extend far beyond HTC. Apple could systematically go after all Android handset providers backed by similar claims. 

Apple is already involved in a heated patent dispute with Samsung over its Android devices. 



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