A Retro Salute to 1980's Cell Phone Videos

Features Harmon Leon 15:23, Jul 18 2011

Let's take a KYC look back at 'The Brick' and retro cell phones!

Let's hail Dr. Marty Cooper's groundbreaking invention: The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. While working as general manager for the systems division at Motorola, our bearded friend invented what became affectionately knows as "The Brick"--the world's first commercial handheld cell phone.

To celebrate conception of his invention, Cooper became the first person in history to make a call on a portable cell phone to the corporate offices of his rival at Bell Labs. (I believe the first thing he said was, "In your face mofo!")

Back in 1983, if you wanted to procure your very own cell phone-that had the girth of a small child-all you had to do was slap down $3,995. (I bought a cell phone earlier this year for $10.) How did they coax the general public into buying one of these 2lbs, beloved, Jurassic contraptions?

Let's take a look back at some of the classic cellular radio telephone commercials and promotional videos from the golden age of very large cell phones:


LOL. Look at these funny 1980's people. But it is true: cell phones have become as common place as checking time on an electronic watch, figuring out on an electronic calculator, or programming on an electronic computer. Except all these tasks are now done on our cell phones.


Essentially, the message here: these modern cellular telephones are ideal if your car happens to get surrounded by a herd of sheep.


The only thing bigger than the women's hair in this ad was the size of their cell phones.


I guess they missed the boat on their prediction of car phones being the next wave of the future, but you got to love the funny cell phone schtick the newscaster does at the end. I bet she really found this funny in her 1980's mind.

Do you have a favorite retro cell phone commercial? Well, goddamnit, let's hear about it!


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