HTC One VX: 20 tips and tricks

News Stephen Tenerowicz 09:12, Jan 21 2013

Bought an HTC One VX? Here are some great tips and tricks to get started

HTC's One VX is an extremely impressive mid-range smartphone. It takes various parts of the One X and One V and mashes them together for just $50 on a two-year AT&T contract. Sporting a 4.5-inch qHD screen and a dual-core CPU, the One VX is a beast for the price.

Now HTC provides a pretty smooth, complete experience from the get go, but we want to show you 20 tips and tricks to get the most out of your device. After taking a look at our list you'll transform from smartphone novice to expert in no time.

Read the full list below.

HTC One VX getting started guides

1. How to hard reset: Learning how to reset your One VX is a necessary evil. Hopefully, you won't ever have to do it, but just in case you should definitely know how. To hard reset your One VX go to Settings, tap Backup and Reset, then hit Reset phone. That's it! You should only really ever hard reset your One VX if you have serious hardware issues.

2. Snap a screenshot: Snapping a screenshot is easy on the One VX. Hold down the power button and volume down rocker for about two seconds. The screen will flash and the screenshot will be saved to your gallery app.

3. Multitask like a pro: To multitask on your HTC One VX, hold down the button with the square on it. It should be farthest to the right. This should bring up several windows, which represent apps. To close any of the apps, swipe the window away. To enter a previously used app, tap on the window. You can scroll through the windows horizontally.

4. Setting limit on data: The One VX is great for cruising around the internet, but don't get carried away -- you'll likely have a data cap. In order to set up data limit notifications, go into Settings, tap Data usage and then check the box which says "Set mobile data limit." Once you've checked this, you can set the data limit on the graph below by sliding the limit bar up or down. You can also check out this app here for help with managing your data limit.

5. Switching on Wi-Fi Direct: Wi-Fi Direct lets you send pictures, images, and really any file to to other Wi-Fi Direct devices without Wi-Fi. The feature is really pretty awesome. To turn on Wi-Fi direct on the One VX go into Settings, more Settings, scroll down to the Wi-Fi Direct column and then slide it on. You will then be able to search for other Wi-Fi direct devices nearby.

6. Android Beam: The One VX is an NFC-enable smartphone that lets you quickly transfer content to other NFC Android devices with Android Beam. To turn on NFC, go into Settings, more Settings and then tap Android Beam. You'll be given instructions on how to use it and it will be active once you slide it to on. Android Beam is easy to use and a great feature to have.

HTC One VX social networking guides

7. Download Facebook: Facebook is one of the best Android apps out there and for many people it's a necessity. To download Facebook for Android on your One VX, head to Google Play, tap the search icon, and type Facebook. Once it pops up, tap on it and you'll be brought to a landing page. Here you can install Facebook. After hitting install, the app will download and install automatically.

8. Download Twitter: Like Facebook, Twitter is also a necessity for many people out there. To download the official Twitter app on your One VX, head to Google Play, tap the search icon, and type Twitter. Tap on the app once it pops up and then you can install it.

9. Share photos: Sharing photos and images is one of the best parts of owning a smartphone. To share photos to almost any app on your One VX, go to the gallery, long press on a photo, then tap the share button. A list of apps will now populate. Choose the app you want to share to and the image will automatically upload.

HTC One VX security guides

10. Select a screen lock: Put a screen lock on your One VX by going to Settings and then tapping on Security. Tap Screen Lock and you'll then have the option to put in Swipe, Number unlock, Face unlock, or Pattern. In my opinion, the number-based unlock is the best.

11. Customizing the lock screen: To customize your lock screen, go into Settings, tap on Security, then tap on Lock screen options. From here, you'll be able to set up Shortcuts on your One VX.

12. Encryption: If you need high-level security, you need to check out the One VX's encryption feature. To use it, go into Settings, tap on Security and then tap on either Encrypt device or Encrypt SD card. The feature works great and is awesome for those in the business world.

HTC One VX apps guides

13. Install apps: The One VX comes with a bunch of cool HTC and Google apps but you'll likely want more. To download others, open the Google Play Store app, click on an app you want to download and then hit the install button.

14. Install apps from your PC/MAC: You can install apps on your One VX directly from your computer. Go to when you're signed into your Google account, choose the app you want to download and click install. The app should install directly to your One VX over-the-air.

15. Drag an app to the home screen: To move an app to your homescreen for easy access, open the app tray and simply hold down on an app icon for about two seconds. You'll then be able to drag it to the home screen easily.

16. Delete apps: Deleting apps is simple on the One VX. Open the app tray and long press on the app you want to delete for two seonds. You will then be able to drag it to the waste basket on the bottom of the screen. After doing this click the uninstall icon.

How to make your HTC One VX battery last longer

17. Turn off networks: Networks and services for whatever reason seem to use a lot of juice, so make sure to switch them off to improve battery. Turning off the GPS and Bluetooth connectivity is big.

18. Adjust screen brightness: Another big reason for battery drain is screen brightness. For optimal battery, make sure to keep your One VX screen at about 50 percent. Anything above that will really kill it.
19. Adjust widget syncing: Widgets are also power hogs on Android and thankfully, you can adjust them. Make sure to keep your widgets syncing every few hours and to turn push off. This will have your HTC One VX sipping battery life instead of downing it.

20. Reduce background syncing Another huge tip on battery is to set your various apps to manual syncing and switch off your background data to instantly extend your device's battery life. As someone who always strives for better battery, I am constantly adjusting syncing.

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