How to download music, videos and podcasts onto your Samsung Focus

How to 15:34, Nov 10 2010

We show you how to load up your Samsung Focus with all sorts of multimedia from Zune Marketplace

The Samsung Focus allows (and encourages) you to use your mobile for media and entertainment.

It already comes with a few options for games and music media, but you can search the Zune Marketplace for music, podcasts, movies, and TV shows to get more. You can access the Zune Marketplace from your mobile or PC.

To download/stream music to your mobile:

  • From Start – tap Music + Videos
  • Flick to Zune, then tap Marketplace
  • Find a song, album, artist, or playlist by
         -flicking left or right, browse, then tap the item you want
         -or by pressing Search, and type in what you are looking for
  • Tap Play to preview or play a song without downloading it
  • ap Buy to buy a song or album, then tap Download to get it on your mobile

To download music, podcasts, videos, movies, and TV shows on your PC:

  • Open Zune on your PC
  • Click Marketplace
  • Find an item by
      -clicking a category (Music, Videos, or Podcasts) and browse
      -clicking Search, and type in what you are looking for
  • Click Download to download a song or album without buying it (for ZunePass subscribers- nice!)
  • Click Buy to buy and download a song or album
  • Click Buy or Rent to buy or rent a movie
  • Click Download or Subscribe to download a podcast (download if you only want the one episode)

After all your files have finished downloading to your PC, go ahead and sync it to your mobile. And since your Samsung Focus has SRS WOW HD, you can enjoy your new multimedia in Focus sound.

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