Best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 apps

Top 10 Stacy Warden Clare Hopping 11:58, Jul 15 2013

Still rocking a Galaxy Note 2? These apps will help make it feel brand new

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 is still the company's most current "phablet" on the market (that's a cross between phone and tablet, in case you missed it). The Korean smartphone maker is expected to launch its follow up Galaxy Note 3 sometime in 2013, but we're still pretty big fans of the Note 2.

So while we're waiting to see what kind of new features Samsung plans to include in its next-generation phablet, we thought we'd revisit some of our favorite Galaxy Note 2 apps. So power up your phone, grab your S Pen and let this list help you get to know your phone all over again.

But before we get into it, let's take a look at why the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been so well received. In our official review, we said:

"The Galaxy Note 2 is a great smartphone because its performance is just ridiculous, battery life is great, reading and consuming multimedia content is great. The size is a pain in the rear sometimes and you really have to decide if all the benefits of the size outweighs the sacrifices you'll have to make. If you can get over the size, buy it. It's pretty good."

And now for the apps:

Rando for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Forget any other way of swapping photos with friends, Rando is the app you need for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The app allows you to "gift" pictures to anyone in the world without sharing your name. You can send them to anyone in the Rando network and they can send you one back. You can build up your profile with Randos that have been taken from all around the world.


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