How to use Tilt to zoom on your Galaxy Note 2

How to Stephen Tenerowicz 20:46, Mar 20 2013

Zoom in on any image or web page with the Galaxy Note 2's Tilt-to-zoom motion feature

Buying a phone like the Galaxy Note 2 is a pretty amazing experience. It's smooth, sexy and extremely speedy. It's also pretty awesome because it comes with some great motion-based software. The Note 2 uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to accomplish quite a few things other phones can't. One of these awesome features is someting called "Tilt to zoom."

Of course, Tilt to zoom is gimmicky, but it works surprisingly well. The feature lets users zoom in on any web page or image by simply tilting the phone away from you or toward you. Sounds dumb, I know, but I have used it more times than I can count. The feature can be used instead of the famous pinch-to-zoom gesture.

Anyway, if Tilt to zoom sounds like someting you're interested in learning about, read on for more! We show you how to Tilt to zoom like woah! Follow our steps!

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Motion.
  3. Put a check in the Motion activation checkbox to turn on motion features.
  4. Scroll down to the Tilt to zoom switch and flip it to the right so it is on.
  5. Next, find an images you want to zoom into.
  6. Places your two thumbs on the image and tilt the Note 2 away from you to zoom out.
  7. Tilt the Note 2 in towards you to zoom in!
  8. That's it!

While Tilt to zoom is pretty cool, the Note 2 has many other awesome features. For a first time smartphone or even seasoned veteran, the Note 2 is a great buy. The device simply rocks it.

In our review of the Note 2, we said:

"Should you buy the Galaxy Note 2? Most reviews you've already read online will probably say 'No, it's too big,' or whatever. I say you go and play with it and decide for yourself. It's a fantastic phone in terms of software, specs and performance and battery life. For a screen this large, and the bumped-up specs, I'm actually surprised that I can go a day to a day and a half without charging the phone.

Why is it hard for me to just say no, don't buy this big, honking smartphone? Because I've actually handed it to some people who have said, "Yeah, it's huge, but you know what? I actually won't mind having this thing. I'd use it." I know, I was shocked, too.

To sum up how I feel, I'll say this: The Galaxy Note 2 is a great smartphone because its performance is just ridiculous, battery life is great and reading and consuming multimedia content are great. The size is a pain in the rear sometimes and you really have to decide if all the benefits of the size outweighs the sacrifices you'll have to make. If you can get over the size, buy it. It's pretty good.

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