Galaxy Note 3 clone shows up

News Tony Crammond 09:31, Apr 08 2013

Has a Chinese knock-off lifted the lid on Samsung's Galaxy Note 3?

We’re all used to seeing the latest knock-off devices released in China, which mirror top-of-the-range releases, however, it isn’t often we see a clone before the device it’s copying has launched. But that appears to be the case with the HDC S Note 3. The device has clearly been rolled out as a copy of the Korean manufacturer’s next phablet, but do the company producing the device know something we don’t about Samsung’s upcoming release – or are its creators simply hedging their bets, trying to mimic the latest rumors surrounding the device?

The specs on the clone are impressive; it rocks a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked to 2.3GHz, 3GB RAM and will reportedly launch with Android Key Lime Pie on board. Users will also find 128GB of on-board storage and a 5.9-inch full HD display, and when you add all of those features up you get a device that would make a pretty plausible Galaxy Note 3.

HDC usually preoccupies itself with churning out HTC clones but this device is clearly meant to be channelling Samsung, and its parody-based moniker suggests the makers have had an early glimpse at the company's upcoming phablet. That wouldn’t be a terribly implausible concept, given the fact that most modern smartphones, whether they be high-end or budget, are manufactured in the middle kingdom.

Our early glances, leaks and rumors of upcoming devices all seem to emanate from factory-based sources in China, or people within the supply chain, and this device could represent one of them using his or her knowledge to turn a profit, by giving away some of the details in advance.

Samsung’s real-deal is due to be unveiled at the end of August at Berlin’s IFA trade show, so there’s a little over four months to wait until our curiosity is satisfied, but even if this clone isn’t perfectly indicative of what we’re going to get with the new device it certainly appears to raise the bar for cheap devices.

Would you be satisfied if the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rolled out with these specs? Let us know below.

Via Viral Phone.

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