Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display issues causing big problems

News Stacy Warden 12:47, Jul 25 2013

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 specs could include an outdated display, new report claims

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 release date is said to be getting closer, but it may have just hit a roadblock along the way to its launch. New rumors suggest that Samsung is “in trouble” due to production issues with its display.

According to Korean site Asia Economic, Samsung is still in the throes of tweaking its new flexible OLED display for the Galaxy Note 3. The report claims that manufacturing yield hasn’t yet reached the levels needed to meet the phablet’s projected demand.

If the Galaxy Note 3 display woes are true, Samsung could end up using an older display in the brand new device. But with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 launch slated for a September release, it all seems a little on the sketchy side.

However, it could be that Samsung is working in several different versions of its Galaxy Note 3. If that’s the case, then it makes more sense that the company would implement a different display type into one or more variants (earlier rumor suggest that Samsung could be working on as many as four different variants of its Note 3).

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is expected to launch during Samsung’s “Unpacked” event on Sept. 4. The third-generation phablet is rumored ot include an enormous 5.9-inch Super AMOLED display, a 13MP camera and 3GB of RAM.

Depending on exactly which specs Samsung chooses to boost in the Note 3, we could end up seeing a similar price tag as its predecessor (the Galaxy Note 2 retails for roughly $575). But if Samsung chooses to go all out, it could certainly increase the price of its next-gen Note.

We’ll keep you posted as more Galaxy Note 3 news unfolds. In the meantime, let us know what you think. Would you buy a new Note 3 with an older display?

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