Best Samsung Galaxy S3 music apps

Features Stephen Tenerowicz 06:17, Jun 13 2013

Looking for some awesome music apps for your Galaxy S3? Check these out

Looking for some awesome music Android apps for your good old Galaxy S3? If so, look no further, as we have you totally covered. Here we show you our top picks for music apps for your device. 

As a brief refresher, The S3 sports a multi-core Qualcomm CPU, a 4.8-inch, 720p HD display and 2GB of RAM. The device has a totally sexy, all plastic shell that simply looks great. Overall, the S3 extremely smooth device and a pleasure to use.

Here are the top five music apps for Android to help you chill and discover great tunes:

Pandora for Samsung Galaxy S3

Pandora is hands down my favorite music app for Android. It lets you listen to pre-built stations based off almost any music artist. Pandora is great because you don't have to really think when using it. You just pick a tune you like and the app does the rest. If you only ever use one music app on your smartphone, this is it. Pandora is also free.


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