Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Active apps

Top 10 Stacy Warden 15:53, Jul 17 2013

Make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active with these top Android apps

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active may be able to brave the elements, but it offers far more than just a rough n’ tumble exterior. In fact, it’s just as fit for quiet bookish types as it is for hardcore athletes. These Galaxy S4 Active apps help showcase just how versatile it is.

Evernote Food

Turns out there’s a better way than Instagram to track your favorite food. If you’re already familiar with Evernote, you probably don’t need much convincing. The food version looks just as slick as expected, and it lets you track everything you could ever possibly need to remember about food, including favorite recipes, restaurants and photos, among other sweet and savory morsels. You’ll also have the ability to create restaurant wish lists, which should serve as the perfect reference for indecisive types.


After fiddling around with a food app, you might find yourself scouring the fridge a little more often than you should. If your love handles are no longer lovely, you can get a jump start by tracking your daily food intake and physical activity with MyFitnessPal. The calorie counter can work wonders in keeping you on track, making sure that you don’t overspend your daily allotment. Even better, you’ll be able to see exactly how many extra calories you’ve earned per day based on your personal workout routine.


Learning a new language can do wonders for your noggin’. But popular software programs like Rosetta Stone can put a serious dent in your wallet, especially if you’re uncertain about how much time you’ll be able to commit. Before you fork over a mini fortune for a full-fledged language-learning service, give Duolingo a try. You can choose from several different languages and each lesson requires mere minutes of your time. The app also tracks your progress and then focuses on areas where you may need improvement.


No Kindle reader? No problem. Simply download the official Kindle app on your Galaxy S4 Active and it instantly becomes the perfect substitute. The app lets you bookmark, highlight and share just like you normally would. It also syncs up nicely across several platforms, so no matter where you leave off on one device, you’ll be able to pick right back up on another without any hassle.


Where better to curl up with a good Kindle book than your local Starbucks? And you don’t even have to worry about spilling coffee all over yourself this time around, thanks to the device being totally waterproof. The Starbucks app for Android lets you easily pay for your caffeinated goods straight from your Galaxy S4 Active. It’s insanely convenient, and it gets even better with its super quick ability to locate all of the Starbucks locations in your immediate proximity.


If the thought of surviving more than five minutes without music is more than you can bear, then consider Spotify your security blanket. The music streaming service looks as crisp and clean as ever on the Galaxy S4 Active, and it works seamlessly no matter where you are, as long as you’re tapped in to a connection (Premium subscribers have the option to listen offline, as well). The free music streaming service offers instant access to an ever growing list of songs and artists, along with the ability to create, edit and share your own playlists.


Perhaps it’s an obvious pick, but no app list is complete without Pinterest. The Galaxy S4 Active’s large screen makes for an even more pleasing experience while you pin by allowing you to view more than you would on a smaller (read: normal sized) device.


Sure, it’s been around for quite a while now, but it’s still just as addictive as ever. If you’re the type who loves keeping all your pals informed on your whereabouts on the off chance they’ll randomly run into you, then you’d better get to checking in. Foursquare’s app also now offers the ability to tag your friends, because privacy is for the birds. You can also forgo the check-in, and instead use the app to explore new places around you.

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