Best messaging apps for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Stephen Tenerowicz 08:23, May 06 2013

Here is a list of the top messaging apps for Samsung's Galaxy S4 super phone

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is more than just a smartphone; it's essentially a personal computer. With the S4 in tow you can surf the Web, watch movies and snap some pretty amazing photographs. But at its core, the device was built to make phone calls and give users a way to connect with friends and family by SMS. Here we show you a brief, but full list of apps that let you take advantage of the Galaxy S4's superb messaging capabilities.

As a brief refresher, Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a multi-core Qualcomm CPU, a 4.99-inch, 1080p HD display and 2GB of RAM. The device has a totally sexy, durable design. It is extremely lightweight and features Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Google Now. Overall, it's a very smooth device and a pleasure to use.

Here are the top five messaging apps for the Galaxy S4 to help you better connect with friends and family. 

WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp is hands down my favorite messaging app for Android and the Galaxy S4. The app lets you integrate all of your messaging services into one, including SMS. The app is easy to use, the user interface in wonderful, and you can even group chat with several friends at once. WhatsApp can also serve as a full-on MMS replacement, as you can send images and vidoes to fellow WhatsApp users.

Facebook Messenger. Similiar to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger lets you chat with your Facebook friends or SMS buddies. For Facebook friends, you'll have anywhere chat access. This means you can start a chat in your browser and it will pick up right where you left the conversation on your smartphone. Like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger also offers the ability to send images and videos to others through the app.

Google Talk. Are you a fan of Google and Google services? If so, you'll love Google Talk for Android. Google Talk is not as full featured as other options, but it is easy to use and you can also video chat. Of course, the app is factory installed on most Android devices, so many Android users use it. Google Talk is my go-to messaging app and it will likely be yours on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Viber. Here is a great messaging app that lets you do almost everything. Dubbed Viber, the app is similiar to Skype and lets users make phone calls to anyone in the world over 3G or Wi-Fi. The quality is pretty great, even better than Skype which is remarkable, honestly. Other features include photo and video messaging, as well as a real-time push for all messages. Viber is a must-have for messaging fans. The app is also available on Windows Phone and iOS.

Handscent SMS. Handscent SMS is a great, friendly SMS replacement for the Galaxy S4 and other Android devices. The app is simple and offers users the ability to customize its user interface. You can choose from multiple themes and even answer text messages from within an internet browser at your computer. Overall, Handscent is great for those looking for something a little different from the Galaxy S4 stock messaging app. Handscent SMS can be found here.

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