Samsung Galaxy S4 problems with battery, display and memory

News Stacy Warden 09:55, May 06 2013

Having issues with your Galaxy S4? Here's what you need to know

Well, that didn't take long. Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone has only been available since April and it's already being slammed with complaints. New owners of the Galaxy S4 have reportedly experienced issues with the very features that helped the device rise to Android fame including battery life, display and internal memory.  

The IBTimes writes:

"Many of the features that made the Samsung Galaxy S4 one of the most anticipated phones in recent history -- such as its 5-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD Super AMOLED display, its powerful processors (Samsung Exynos 5 Octa in the international version and Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 in the U.S. version) and 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage options -- are now bringing grief to those who rushed to purchase the fourth-generation Galaxy S series smartphone upon its late April release."

According to the report, Samsung's Galaxy S4 battery -- the 2,600 mAh Li-Ion -- can't handle much at all. S4 owners have purportedly complained that the phone's battery life is "quickly exhausted overnight," dropping to less than a 50 percent charge by the time morning rolls around. Power-hungry apps like Google Play Music and Media Server aren't helping, either.

It has been noted that this battery drain problem might not actually be the phone itself, but rather a glitch with Google's Android 4.2 OS. If the battery issue ends up being a big one, it could be a simple matter of releasing a bug-fix update. If you own a Galaxy S4, you can also look into an extended battery or an external power source. 

As for the display, it's purportedly having some kind of color identity crisis. In the XDA-Developers forum, some Galaxy S4 owners have complained about smearing and ghosting when scrolling on the device. According to the complaints, some darker colors appear purple. 

And then there's the Galaxy S4 memory issue. The report notes that some owners of the 16GB version have complained that roughly half of the internal memory on their S4 is being consumed by built-in apps. Some of Samsung's new software features are purportedly eating up a painfully noticeable amount of storage. But Samsung has already acknowledged this in a way, when it told CNET that 6.85GB of internal memory is used up by innovative apps and the phone's hi-res display. Samsung has responded to these complaints by suggesting that Galaxy S4 owners opt for a microSD card

Overall, complaints with Samsung's Galaxy S4 aren't totally shocking and are likely not enough to be a deal breaker for Android fans. Let us know what you think. Have you experienced problems with your Galaxy S4? Are any of the aforementioned issues enough to make you consider a different smartphone altogether?

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My s4 freezes constantly and then immediately restarts .....I'd say at least 4 or 5 times a day.

to dkeen
Sorry to hear that about your SGS4. May I ask which carrier you are with?

mine locks as well i am with orange and am having new phone delivered today at a cost of £25 the other option is to drive 20 miles take it back to orange store get a temporary phone while they fix this one what a con

new phone lasted 1hr before lock up Grrrrrr

My playstore won't work at all. It automatically force closes before it opens fully.

I regret having bought this good for nothing samsung trash.The battery doesnt last even few hours .Again it is he as fast as iphone 5 when it comes to browsing.To make things worse the three mobile eat all u can data is painfully slow .I honestly feel duped taking this 37 £ contract.This S4 is all about gimmicks and no substance at all.Go for other brands i am sure they are way better than this worthless piece of trash

battery over heats freezes lots of glitches etc battery runs out quick and i dont use the phone a lot the phone is a crime by Samsung an absolute dud ...GF samsung you thieves

Sorry to hear this. Try and see if you can get a new one from your carrier or Samsung.

I haven't seen any of these issues but many people have complained. I don't think it's a widespread issue but because there are so many Galaxy S4 units out there, even a 5% failure rate would impact a ton of people

Try a full factory reset.

Arg. That sucks. Again, try and see if the carrier will replace it for you and if not, it should still be under Samsung's warranty

Well, I had the battery problem in the first 2 days too. The first day it did the worst but as I recharged it again and again it was taking it longer and longer for Samsung Galaxy S4 to discharge...
Right now I am at 37% battery and it went without a charge for 18 hours and 39 minutes. And I played all kind of games on it today. I played games about 2 hours in total on this charge, checked my email every ~30 minutes and browsed the internet for about 30 minutes. Wireless is always on, for this ~19 hours the wireless and sync service worked non-stop.

I feel so bad that why I did'nt go fo HTC One instead of this buggy device.Do something Samsung or else return my money in full(as it is only two days old)

when you will try to open the camera it will restart the device..we have 3 s4 device in our friend circle all have the same problem..and scrolling problem with display becoming purple is also there..Indian version gt-i9500.

When i leave my Gs4 charging overnight in the morning my alarm does not go off and it is unresponsive so i have to completely take the battery out.. Any idea on the issue?

Hmm, haven't heard of that issue yet. Back up your data, do a hard reset (restore to factory settings) and see if that fixes it

I have a complaint after having the phone for two months the lock screen and main background screen lag when opening apps from the notifications bar. Turns into black screen then it displays it correctly the clock on lock screen lags and it wasn't doing that before. After this phone no way am I going back to android. Its always a problem with android.

after charging my phone to 100%, the battery meter never leaves 100% until the phone is dead or until I do a reset. I have the S4 active. the only way the meter will display correct percentage when fully charged is with a reset of the phone.

Have had my samsung s4 2 days I'm not able to charge it unless i lay it face down.

I have same problem few months. Did you solve problem without phone reset?

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