Best video apps for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Stephen Tenerowicz 18:14, May 06 2013

These Galaxy S4 video apps will satiate your inner couch potato

Digging your new Samsung Galaxy S4? Love video apps? The device is pure awesome goodness in a plastic shell. While the S4 is pretty much good straight out of the box, apps, of course, make the experience better. With a screen as beautiful as the one on the Galaxy S4, video apps are particularly awesome as they let you take advantage of the S4's screen and powerful speaker set.

As a brief refresher, Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a multi-core Qualcomm CPU, a 4.99-inch, 1080p HD display and 2GB of RAM. The device is extremely lightweight and features Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Google Now. The device is a king in comparison to other smartphones on the market.

Anyway, back to the video apps, here are the top five video apps for the Galaxy S4. If you are a big video fan like me, you'll surely appreciate all of them. Also, if your simply thinking about the S4, make sure to out our review.

Vevo. Are you a fan of watching music videos? With the Vevo app you can watch music videos, stream live concerts, and discover new artists on your Android device for free. Vevo provides endless hours of entertainment and it's extremely easy to use. The app can be found in Google Play.

Netflix. Netflix is one of the best Android apps out there and a great for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Not only does it let you burn time, it also has thousands of movies to stream and a great, smooth user interface. If you like Netflix and streaming movies as much as I do, this is definitely one app you must have.

Hulu Plus. Similiar to Netflix, Hulu Plus is a video streaming app that lets users stream movies and television shows from the popular Hulu streaming service. The app is well-designed, the user interface is intuitive and the service also has a great selection of movies and shows to choose from.  For movie and tv junkies, Hulu Plus for Android is a definite. Check the app out here.

YouTube. The king of video apps, YouTube for Android, is a no-brainer when it comes to this list. With YouTube you can watch user-generated videos, trailers, and even full-on movies in just a few taps. YouTube is also a pleasure to use and videos will no doubt look great on your Galaxy S4. YouTube comes factory installed on the Samsung  Galaxy S4. The app can be updated in Google Play.

Crackle. Here is a great video app that lets you watch all sorts of videos on your Galaxy S4. Dubbed Crackle, the app is similiar to Netflix and lets users watch movies and some television shows for free. The quality is so-so, but more, better movies and shows are being added daily, which is great. The user interface on the app is good too, making it easy to use for most. Crackle for the Galaxy S4 can be found in Google Play. The best part about it is that movies and shows are absolutely free!

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