Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi problems confirmed

News Marin Perez 14:35, May 16 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has acknowledged issues connecting to D-Link routers

Is your Samsung Galaxy S4 having some issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks? Well, you're not going crazy, as Samsung has confirmed that there is an issue with some D-Link routers and a fix should be on the way. 

We've heard some sporadic issues about problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 but most were centered around display or battery issues. Along with being extremely annoying, this Wi-Fi issue with the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be a major pain if you're hoping to stay under your data cap by using Wi-Fi. 

"This is a problem caused by firmware stored on a specific access point in D-Link routers. Customers should update their firmware to the latest version or reboot the access point," a Samsung spokeswoman told ZDNet.

Hopefully, this Samsung Galaxy S4 problem is a minor issue that won't impact many users out there because we'd hate for a few minor bugs to detract from what is an outstanding smartphone. Seriously, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best smartphones ever created. 

"The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone. Its build quality is good, the screen is excellent and the camera is better than most smartphone cameras, too," we wrote in our full review. "Battery life is great, Samsung’s added dozens of new features and its Samsung Hub are all very excellent additions to the device. Will this be a ridiculously popular and another best-selling device from Samsung? You bet."

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for most of the major carriers for roughly $199 with a new contract. Verizon seems to be a laggard but it will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 in stores starting May 23

Have you experienced Wi-Fi issues on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via ZDNet]

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D-Links DIR 628 WiFi operates just fine on small downloads but anything BIG it just drops the data flow. Since I have a tons of room on my data plan for small stuff who cares, it is the big stuff that you use WiFi for anyway. Turning it off and back on gets you going for a short while before it all repeats. The flight mode toggle button makes downloading an app possible if not a bit tedious.I will wait out a fix from either Samsung or D-Links for now, but I get less and less happy the longer it takes.

Odd bug. As the article says, a fix should be coming soon. Thanks for the input

I have problems connecting to some local public wifi presumably using the d-link routers as all my friends non samsung phones connect with no problem. All solutions online have to do with adjusting router settings?? How exactly am I supposed to approach a business owner and tell him his router is the problem and he needs to go into his router settings and try a slew of different things or for that matter to buy a new router which has also been suggested in some samsung forums?? WHEN everyone elses device works fine. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! This a samsung problem and they need to fix ASAP!!!

i have a problem with my samsung galaxy s4 clone gt i9500 when i turn the wlan on its gives a error (wlan enable failed)?? can some one help??

My wi fi worked great at the fire station then it said data connection to slow. Every thing I tried would not work. The next day after returning it worked fine. The phone s4 active has bad wi fi issues and pocket dialing 911 issues .

A year later and I have the same issue. mine will show the wifi at my job in my connections list. then connect and say connected then it shows scanning at the top of the list bam within 10 seconds i have dropped the wifi and it says open on it again. i've tried restarting, pulling the battery waiting the whole nine, nothing is working I cannot get into their router so what do i do?? it works everywhere else except here which is STUPID!! I love samsungs but this is getting me to missing the iphone and that is SAD!!!!

I have two s4s-one for me, one for my son. Mine stays connected to wifi with a good range, up to about 13 metres from the router. My son's disconnects at about 5 metres- he literally can't leave the room the router is in. I have sent his in to Rogers for repair-came back with the same problem. Now it is back with them again. Getting annoyed.

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