Best ringtone apps for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Stephen Tenerowicz 21:18, May 28 2013

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Digging your new Samsung Galaxy S4, but getting sick of the stock ringtones? If so, you're not alone! Ringtones can get old and very fast. That's why its good that Google Play is absolutely littered with apps so you can download new, fresh ringtones whenever you want. 

As a brief refresher, Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a multi-core Qualcomm CPU, a 4.99-inch, 1080p HD display and 2GB of RAM. The device is extremely lightweight and features Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Google Now. The device is a king in comparison to other smartphones on the market. It really is pure sex in a thin, plastic shell.

Anyway, back to the ringtone apps, here are the top five for the Galaxy S4. If you switch ringtones as quickly as I do, you'll surely appreciate all of them. Also, if you're simply thinking about the S4, make sure to check out our great, thorough review.

Ringtone Maker

Are you a fan of songs as ringtones? With Ringtone Maker you can easily make ringtones from your favorite song or tune on your Android device for no cost. Users can also make awesome sounds effects with their songs and set alarms. Overall, Ringtone Maker is easy to use and extremely full featured. 

Funny SMS Ringtones

Funny SMS Ringtones is probably the funniest ringtone app out there. You can create fart noises, burps, and pretty much anything else gross or funny as a ringtone quite easily. These tones will no doubt make you smile and laugh.


Zedge is probably the most famous ringtone app out there and I highly recommend it. The company has a huge database of high-quality wallpaper, ringtones, and notification sounds. It is also updated quite frequently, which is really pretty great. Zedge is available now in Google Play and is free. The one negative about the app is you have to deal with ads, which is a pretty good trade-off, honestly, considering the price.

Business Ringtones

Are you always attending serious meetings? If so, you need to get Business Ringtones. Business Ringtones has a huge collection of ringtones, which are all business and pretty great. They are perfect for going off in a meeting when you simply can't put the phone on silent. All in all, this is one awesome ringtone app.

Group Ringtones

Here is a simple ringtone app that lets you assign ringtones to existing groups in your Contacts. For instance, if you have a friends group and a coworkers group, you can assign a different ringtone to each. Group Ringtones really fills a void and does something no other ringtone apps does in Google Play. As a Group Ringtone app users, I can say that it works damn good. I use it for family, friends and some co-workers. Download it today!

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