Best photos apps for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Stephen Tenerowicz 11:28, May 29 2013

Samsung's 13-megapixel camera is nothing without these apps

The Galaxy S4 and its massive 13-megapixel shooter has finally arrived, and folks, it's awesome. Like any high-end smartphone, however, some apps work better with it than others. With the S4, photo apps are the real standout here as Samsung's newest flagship sports a stunning camera that takes some amazing photos. It also has some really cool software.

As with most phones that have good cameras, great apps only make it better. Exploring apps is great fun, especially if there are apps on things you're interested in. For me, it's photography, so the S4 is a great match.

If you own the S4 and are interested in smartphone photography, read on for more. After much research, I've found several of best Android apps for photo lovers. These five apps will help you enormously.


Instagram is hands down my favorite photography app for Android. With it  you can pick from one of several gorgeous filters or tilt-shift blur to breathe a new life into your mobile photos. Instagram makes images prettier, basically. With Instagram for Android you can also share photographs to Twitter and Facebook.


Snapseed is the only photo app you’ll want to use to edit photos. It makes any photograph extraordinary with a fun, high-quality photo experience right at your fingertips. With Snapseed you can share photos to social networks and even edit photographs better than Photoshop. Snapseed is a wonderful app and should be at the top of your editing list.


This is a fantastic photo app that lets you take beautiful, seamless panoramic photos straight from your phone. While most Android handsets have the ability to take panoramic photos, Pano is special. With the app you can stitch up to 16 photos together and resume shots even if they are interrupted. Pano is extremely easy to use and costs just $3.99.

Silent Camera

Like to spy? If so Silent Camera is for you. With the app you can take photos quickly and quietly. Silent Camera has no shutter sound and you can take a picture wherever and even share photos to Twitter and Facebook. Best of all, Silent Camera costs nothing.

Snap Camera HDR

The fifth and final app on my list is called Snap Camera HDR for Android. The app is easy to use and based off of the stock Android 4.2 camera interface. Of all the camera apps out there, the Snap Camera HDR app is probably the best and easiest to use. It will certainly work well with the S4 and its awesome, 13-megapixel camera. All in all, the software may not be better than that found on the S4's stock camera, but it's definitely easier to use.

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